When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your resume? While a CV is just a piece of paper, it’s the one that represents you to potential employers. If you don’t wow the hiring manager with your resume, the odds are slim that you’ll land that all-important interview.

Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s tips for building an effective resume – and updating it as often as necessary:

Update More Often Than You Think

Maintaining an up-to-date resume is a crucial element of managing your career over the long term. Many employees wait to adjust their resumes until they’re actively searching for a new position. However, this strategy can actually have a negative effect on your job search. After all, your resume should be a living document that you adjust and update regularly. By maintaining a recent resume, you ensure you have something to send out should an opportunity present itself. Additionally, revising your resume periodically ensures you don’t forget anything important along the way.

Add Info When You Finish a Job or Assignment

Just got done with a big assignment? Don’t hesitate to add the details about it to your resume. For best results, list the important facts and figures on the left and less important info – like dates and supervisor names – on the right. Since people read from left to right, this layout ensures that prospective employers see the most significant details first.

Review Your Resume Once a Quarter

It’s hard to remember what you did at work last week, let alone six months ago. To ensure important roles and responsibilities don’t fall through the cracks, make an effort to look over this all-important doc at least once a quarter. When deciding what to include, focus on skills and abilities you’ve gleaned along with any training you’ve received. Whenever possible, include numbers to document your success, such as number of sales closed or percent of operating costs reduced.

Build a Resume That’s Sure to Impress

Not sure if your resume is impressive enough to lure top hiring managers? One of the benefits of working with a staffing firm such as Accurate Personnel is we can help you evaluate this all-important document, making necessary changes based on our years of experience. Call to set up an appointment with our team or search available jobs online.


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