June 1 marks the beginning of National Safety Month, a time in which companies around the U.S. consider how they can better protect their workers from illness and injury. At Accurate Personnel in Chicagoland, though, we pride ourselves on prioritizing workplace safety all year round. Learn more about Accurate Personnel’s in-house safety team and how our company can help yours stay safe and compliant in the coming years.

Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Resources (Its Employees)

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business – the people who interact with customers and help bring your product into the marketplace. To that end, there are few things more important than their safety and happiness on the job.

As part of our commitment to keeping employees safe, Accurate Personnel is proud to boast an in-house health and safety department. Not only do we record and investigate injuries that affect our team in the workplace – that’s over 600 customers and 6,000 employees – we also take steps to ensure clients adhere to OSHA guidelines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, was created to ensure American workers have safe and healthful work environments, and employers that don’t follow these rules can be subject to steep fines and other penalties.

Along with looking into employee injuries, we take steps to stop these incidents from occurring. In addition to conducting safety evaluations on new clients to protect your people and ours, we make recommendations for improving working conditions, ultimately boosting safety and job satisfaction.

Why Choose Accurate for Your Staffing Needs

Providing temporary and direct-hire job services since 1978, Accurate Personnel has built a reputation for helping Chicagoland employers meet their complete staffing needs. We believe our success stems in great part from our commitment to safety. Both job candidates and clients can count on us to put their interests first, and that means ensuring workers stay safe. Contact us today for help making safety a company-wide decision and a key element of your workplace culture. We look forward to serving you.


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