At Accurate Personnel, we’re not just passionate about helping companies find the best employees. We also want to ensure they keep those workers for the long haul. In an effort to help businesses build lasting partnerships, we’re always looking for ways to aid employers in bridging the gap between leadership and communication.

An expert in business and team dynamics, Patrick Lencioni is the founder of The Table Group and the author of the book, “Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” Read on to discover five of the top leadership mistakes, along with what your team can do to overcome them, according to Lencioni.

Dysfunction 1. Absence of Trust

If your workers are afraid of being vulnerable, they’re unlikely to come forward with innovative and unusual ideas. On the other hand, fostering an environment of teamwork and truth can lead to superior outcomes.

Dysfunction 2. Fear of Conflict

In business environments, individuals sometimes become heated. Still, fear of conflict can prevent workers from expressing their truth feelings. Leaders need to encourage workers to share divergent viewpoints while keeping their tempers in check.

Dysfunction 3. Lack of Commitment

If you want your team members to do their best work, it’s important to be clear and direct in conveying expectations. Moreover, if team members are constantly playing guessing games, they will likely be hesitant about following your instructions.

Dysfunction 4. Avoidance of Accountability

No one likes admitting fault. However, if teammates are so desperate to avoid conflict they refuse to take accountability, the work is likely to suffer. It’s the responsibility of leaders to create an environment in which everyone is capable of making mistakes and learning from them.

Dysfunction 5. Inattention to Results

It’s natural to want to succeed on a personal level, but leaders need to ensure their teams are thinking about the collective gain, as well. This means ensuring everyone is working toward a common goal.

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