Are you a military professional or military spouse looking to reenter the workforce? If so, Accurate Personnel thanks you for your service and looks forward to helping you begin this new chapter of your life.

While military members possess numerous qualities that make them uniquely suited to careers in the private sector, employers don’t always recognize these benefits. Consider the following five reasons military professionals would benefit from working with a staffing agency as part of their career search.

Special Consideration

Unlike traditional staffing firms, Accurate Personnel is particularly sensitive to the needs and wants of military families. To that end, we’re committed to helping service members find the right positions in their chosen fields.

Extra Support

At Accurate Personnel, we understand employers aren’t always aware of the perks military professionals bring to the workplace. As your advocate, we’ll work tirelessly to convey your unique skills and abilities to recruiters every step of the way.

Access to the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium

Based in Chicagoland, Accurate Personnel works in collaboration with the Illinois Hires Heroes Consortium (IHHC), a group of local employers that is committed to hiring military professionals. We can help former military members take advantage of these opportunities while pursuing their personal career goals.

Help Passing Resume Sorters

The unfortunate truth is that many military resumes never make it past the computer sorters. One of the benefits of working with Accurate Personnel is that we’re up to date on the latest resume tips and tricks. We can help ensure you get noticed and have the chance to interview for the position.

Interview Preparation

Of course, it’s not enough to get in the room – you also have to impress in the interview. We help military professionals and their spouses master the art of the civilian interview.

Skip the Search With Accurate

Ready to find your dream job? Simply send us your resume, and we’ll get to work finding the best matches. Additionally, you can browse open positions on our website.


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