Still evaluating your employees just once a year? If so, you might be doing them – and your company – a serious disservice. Once commonplace in the business world, annual performance reviews are now considered outdated by many of the country’s top employers. Read on to learn how giving more frequent feedback could benefit your business for years to come.

Problems With Annual Reviews

If you evaluate your workers just once a year – or even every six months – you’re probably doing more harm than good. Because most annual reviews involve balancing the good feedback with the bad, employees tend to leave these meetings feeling confused at best and downtrodden at worst. As a result, they don’t know where to stop making adjustments. Additionally, waiting weeks or even months to deliver feedback could mean your employees are learning bad habits that will prove hard to break, and that your company is potentially losing out on money and business.

Value of Coaching

Annual reviews can feel more like lectures than conversations. Instead of providing this sort of dictatorial feedback once or twice a year, make an effort to communicate with employees regularly, inviting them to share concerns and ideas in a low-stress setting. Research shows that managers who conduct weekly check-ins have more productive employees than those who hold annual reviews.

Fear Versus Inspiration

Another benefit of coaching workers is that it inspires them to succeed, rather than scaring them about failure. By offering real-time feedback, you give workers a chance to develop their skills and increase performance. On the other hand, comparing employees on a bell curve or other chart simply makes them feel judged.

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