For many of us, it’s the most stressful part of a job interview. The hiring manager announces they are finished asking questions and invites you to offer up some of your own. While saying you don’t have any questions can reveal a lack of interest in the role, asking the wrong things can leave you looking naïve, inexperienced, or even foolish. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s tips about what you should and should not ask in an interview.

Good: What skills does the ideal candidate possess?

This question serves double duty in that it shows you care about succeeding in the job while allowing you to share your strengths and abilities. For example, if the interviewer stresses that workers must have top-notch computer skills, you can easily slip in the fact that you performed basic IT tasks at your last company.

And if you wind up getting the job, the hiring manager’s answer to this question can provide a blueprint to making a good impression.

Good: What will your company look like in five years?

Talking about a company’s future plans doesn’t just show you’re interested in the business. It also reveals you care enough about the job to be looking down the line. Additionally, this question gives you an opportunity to see if your values align with those of the organization. If both are on the same page, feel free to stress that in the interview.

Poor: What are your main products and services?

If a quick search of the company’s website is enough to answer a question, you probably shouldn’t ask it. In this case, you can easily locate a business’s principle products and services by reviewing the website and social media pages — and the hiring manager knows it. Instead, ask if the company has any plans for new releases or an intention to expand its services in the coming months.

Poor: What does the position pay?

Hold off on discussing salary or benefits. You’ll be in a stronger negotiating position once the company has made its initial offer.

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