Frustrated with the same old job boards and recruitment fairs? Feel like you’re not reaching the best active and passive candidates? If you want to locate the top job seekers, you need to find them where they live.

It’s no secret that people are spending an increasing amount of time on Facebook. And the social media giant is taking notice; in fact, it now features a Jobs tab on which employers can create posts for all their open positions. Accurate Personnel has been making use of this option to find the most qualified candidates for its many clients. Here are some tips for advertising for jobs on Facebook.

Create a Job Post

Companies looking to fill open positions can post about their jobs on Facebook. Start by selecting “Create a Job Post.” Enter the necessary information, including location, salary info, and details. Then click “Publish” to post your job. If users are interested, they can get in touch by messaging you on the site or clicking the “Apply Now” button. A great feature of each job posting is the company can input an email address to receive the information of each user who completes the job application.

Use Live Video

Video is becoming a favorite tool among marketers. After all, what better way to showcase a product or service in all its glory? And now you can use live video to find the best job candidates, as well, thanks to a new tool called Facebook Live. Start by sharing the date and time that you will be available on Facebook for a live recruiting session. On the day of the event, simply open your phone’s Facebook app, hit the “Live Video” button and start recording. As individuals post questions or comments, you can answer them in your video. This is a great way to give your business a human touch and form a direct connection with potential employees.

Search for Mutual Connections

If you do find someone you want to reach on Facebook, avoid messaging them directly. After all, most of us don’t answer messages from unknown contacts. Instead, seek a mutual connection or look for the candidate’s email address on LinkedIn or another site. Share content and provide value before asking for their contact information. Develop that relationship and show your expertise.

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