If you’re searching for new employees, the odds are you’re in a rush to hire. Maybe you’ve expanded your product offerings or are looking for help during the busy season. Whatever the reason, you might be tempted to hire the first seemingly qualified worker who walks through your doors. However, if you’re not taking time to consider a potential employee’s skills, you might be doing your company, and its current workers, a disservice. Read on for help ascertaining the one skill you need for each job you’re hiring.

Examine Past Successes

Do you know the skill you need to find that makes the open job successful? How can you secure that information before the hiring process? One of the best ways to determine what skills new workers need is to analyze the efforts of past superstars. Were your successful former employees highly organized? Great at working as a team? Seek out the same skills in job candidates. Consider the skills your previous superstars possessed that are able to be taught and those skills that are innate.

Analyze Employee Data

Are you analyzing data from previous employees? Take time to evaluate their successes and failures by the numbers. Additionally, it can be helpful to speak to current staff. Find out where teammates are lacking and how smart hiring may be able to fill the gap. How long do projects take? What could make the projects more efficient? What could make the projects more successful? Look at the data and talk to your team to get a more informed answer.

Assess Your Applicants

Just because job candidates say they have strong coding skills doesn’t mean they can perform on the job. Ask to see samples of previous work to determine whether prospective hires are up to the task. For example, if you’re hiring a web designer, be sure to review two or three sites they’ve built. If you’re not happy with the work employees did for previous clients, you might not like what they do for you, either. It might even be beneficial to conduct testing to get a better feel for their skills.

Contact Accurate Personnel to Expedite Your Hiring Efforts

Whatever your staffing requirements, Accurate Personnel can help. Simply visit our site and submit a job offer with the qualifications and quantity of workers you are seeking. We’ll immediately get to work finding you a selection of skilled employees to meet your needs. For more information about our services, or to speak to one of our teammates, call today or contact us online.




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