Once upon a time, companies found job candidates by placing ads in the newspaper. Those days are long past. In today’s increasingly digital world, employers use a wide range of resources, both on and offline, to find employees. If you’re not taking advantage of these tools, you might be missing out on the best active and passive candidates out there. Here are Accurate Personnel’s top tips for finding top employees.

National Job Boards

There are a number of national job boards that are great resources when it comes to hiring (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster). List your job and wait for the applications to roll in. Some of these sites even allow employers to send prospective workers assessments to evaluate their skills. For example, Indeed lets you send a proofreading test to potential writers and editors.

Social Media

If you’re not listing your job openings on your company’s Facebook page, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to find interested candidates. Not only does listing a job on social media increase exposure, but it also lets you target people who are already interested in your company and its services. It’s a great option to target passive job seekers who aren’t actively looking for a job but spending time on social media. As a bonus, you can easily review candidates’ social media profiles, deciding who is and isn’t up to snuff.


The best job referrals often come from current employees, and with good reason. Who else knows the company and its culture as well as your existing staff? For bonus points, offer a monetary reward to any employee who recommends a candidate you wind up hiring.

Job Fairs

Grassroots marketing can really uncover top employees when you go out and pound the pavement.  Get out into the world and visit a community or college job fair. Not only can you find great prospects, but you can also evaluate your competition when they are at the same event. Use this knowledge to stay a couple steps ahead of the crowd.

Let a Top Staffing Agency Find Your Next Star Employee

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