Whether you’re an HR manager or just the person in charge of hiring for your company, you might be wondering about the best questions to ask in an interview. After all, you’re seeking a way to see into a candidate’s true heart and assess whether they will be a boon or a burden to the company. The next time you’re interviewing prospective employees, invite them to tell you about an offer they turned down. Here’s why:

Are They Mainly Motivated by Money?

If your prospective employee turned down a previous position because of salary concerns, it might reveal money is the significant motivator. While there’s nothing wrong with working for money—we all do it—most of us seek out employees who are passionate about the job as well. If someone turned down a great job over a few dollars, it might suggest a lack of passion. On the other hand, if you’re sure this employee is your next great player, consider upping your offer to ensure you don’t lose said person to the competition.

Are They Mainly Motivated by Ambition?

Did a job candidate turn down a role because of a lack of advancement opportunities? This provides a valuable clue about a worker’s future goals. If you want someone who’s going to reach for the stars and stay with you for the long haul, this might be the candidate to choose.

Are There Other Factors at Play?

Prospective employees may reject positions over poor benefits, company culture clashes, and even a long commute. Sourcing these details gives you valuable information about a job candidate and may just affect the offer you make.

Trust Accurate Personnel With Your Hiring

Whether you’re hiring one new employee or a dozen, the team at Accurate Personnel can help ensure every worker you choose exceeds expectations. Ready to submit a job order? Simply fill out our online form, letting us know the qualifications and quantity of workers you desire. You can also set up an appointment to meet with a recruiter in person. We look forward to staffing your business for success.


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