A low unemployment rate is good news for job seekers. However, just because the odds are in your favor doesn’t mean it’s ever okay to treat employers with derision. While some job candidates may be tempted to “ghost” employers like a bad date, the truth is this practice can sabotage your career ambitions moving forward. Learn more:

People Will Talk

Communication has become significantly more casual over the years. We send texts without complete sentences, write tweets rather than letters, and share emojis rather than words. However, if you’re too casual with your job search endeavors, it’s likely people in your industry will start to talk about you. If you gain a reputation for being a “ghoster,” you might stop getting interview offers and start getting blacklisted instead.

You Might Start a Bad Habit

Bad habits are hard to break, so why would you want to start one destined to bring you pain? Avoid ghosting that first employer to prevent yourself from doing the same in the future.

How to Avoid Ghosting

Wondering how to tell an employer you changed your mind about a position? You’re not the first job candidate to have second thoughts, and any respectable company would rather avoid hiring someone who isn’t 100 percent sure a position is for them. Still, this conversation can be awkward. If you want to avoid that uncomfortable phone call, write a simple, gracious email expressing your gratitude for the opportunity. If you want to leave the door open for future prospects, feel free to add a line or two of praise. For example, you could say you loved meeting with the hiring manager and appreciated the company’s dedication to community service. Be kind and complimentary – you never know what the future might hold.

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