Desperate to find your next great employee? Frustrated with a lack of options in your field? Instead of panicking or resorting to hiring someone who has industry experience but doesn’t excite you, consider searching outside your industry for a superstar. The truth is, people who are skilled at something in one industry may well be able to succeed in another. Here are some tips for finding talent, wherever it lives:

Hire a Sales Superstar

Sales is an ability that tends to translate well among disparate industries. After all, if you have the talent and insight to persuade people to buy one product, there’s no reason you can’t convince them to buy another. When hiring sales people from different fields, be on the lookout for people who may have worked in sales under a different title. For example, an office manager at a small business may have worn a sales hat as well.

Hire an Idea Man (or Woman)

Problem solvers exist in every field, and their skills and abilities tend to transcend the narrow constraints of a particular job. So someone who excels at using tech to streamline operations at a healthcare company may well be able to do the same at your hospitality business. Look for people whose ideas have resulted in net profits for their businesses, regardless of industry. The odds are good your company will reap the rewards.

Trust Accurate Personnel to Find Your Next Great Employee

Based in Illinois, Accurate Personnel recruits employees for a wide range of light industrial, hospitality, administrative, and IT positions. Thanks to our incredible reputation among job seekers, you can relax knowing we’ll find the best candidates out there, even if they don’t happen to work in your industry just yet. For more information about what we can do for you, call today or contact Accurate Personnel’s recruitment team online.


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