Once upon a time, distant and dictatorial managers may have been the norm in the business world. However, those days are past, and today’s employees expect something subtler from their supervisors. By mastering the skills needed to manage, you can boost your workers’ job satisfaction and, by extension, their productivity.

Receive Feedback Without Feeling Threatened

Being a great manager isn’t just about dictating to your employees. On the contrary, the best business leaders also know how to solicit and accept feedback from their staff. While one angry worker’s critical tirade might not be valid, if multiple employees are telling you something needs work, you’d be wise to listen. Whatever the case, learn to respond to employees’ concerns in a calm manner that doesn’t come off as defensive.

Provide Feedback Without Accusing

Of course, managers can’t hope to lead effectively without providing feedback to their employees. However, it’s crucial not to come across as accusatory in these conversations. If you want to effect real change, you need to offer constructive criticism alongside praise. Show you appreciate the employees for what they do well before letting them know the areas needing improvement.

Be Empathetic

Everyone has a bad day, and the best managers recognize the importance of responding to their employees’ bad days with empathy and understanding. Don’t be afraid to ask your downtrodden worker if something is wrong and inquire about whether you can help. Additionally, good managers learn how to communicate with employees of different ages, ethnicities, religions and personality types.

Master Team Building

Employees do their best work when they feel a sense of ownership over what’s being achieved. To that end, it pays to focus on team building, so your workers have a sense of investment in the company and each other. Rather than leading with fear, aim to create a culture of collaboration and community.

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