Research shows managers who regularly recognize their teams enjoy better performance and productivity on parts of staff. With that data in mind, it pays to find ways of appreciating your employees year round. Use these tips for being the best manager you can be in the coming year.

Don’t just show thanks at Thanksgiving or during annual reports.

If you’re only thanking employees during their annual review (or worse, around the holidays), you’re missing out on the chance to build a better workplace year round. After all, great employees perform at a high level year round, and deserve to be acknowledged for their effort. For best results, say thank you all the time and send out company-wide emails to acknowledge those who truly go above and beyond.

Discover how to appreciate your team throughout the year.

A company functions best when everyone feels like part of the team. Foster an environment of camaraderie by providing the occasional company lunch or dinner and celebrating your employees’ birthdays. Buy a cake for everyone to share or consider giving employees their birthdays off to celebrate at home!

Find ways of recognizing shift workers.

Working nights is no easy feat, and shift employees deserve a little extra appreciation for taking on this burden. Be sure to support these workers by insisting on plenty of breaks for them to recharge. Additionally, you can make sure they receive invites to all the company get-togethers and social events, and plan these activities for times they can attend.

Reward and reinforce the behaviors you want to see.

If you’ve never tried positive reinforcement in the workplace, you might be missing out on a valuable tool for getting employees to behave as desired. Studies show that acknowledging someone for what they do well is the best way to get them to repeat this behavior in the future. For example, praise a worker who comes in early and stays late. Just showing that someone’s efforts don’t go unnoticed can go a long way toward motivating them forward.

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