Meetings are the bane of many an office worker’s existence, and with good reason. When you’re trying to complete a project, nothing takes the wind out of your sails quite like an hour-long meeting in which everyone talks at the same time and little is accomplished. Read on for Accurate Personnel’s top tips for maximizing meeting productivity and ensuring everyone on the team stays engaged:

Be Mindful of How Long You’re Speaking

Studies show that listeners are most receptive to your words during the first 20 seconds of speaking. If you want to increase the odds of getting your point across, aim to limit each point to around half a minute. At that point, you should pause and give someone else a chance to speak. The last thing you want is for listeners to grow bored with you and stop listening to your ideas all together.

Remember That Good Conversations Go Two Ways

Meetings (and conversations in general) are rarely at their most effective when one person is doing all the talking. Instead, communication should function like ping pong, with both sides engaging in a back-and-forth rhythm. When communicating an idea, strive to be cognizant of how long it takes you to get your point across and whether others are chiming in. If you’re hearing nothing but silence and the sound of your own voice, it might be time to take a break.

Practice Your Points

When it comes to getting your ideas across in a meeting, practice can make all the difference. Rehearsing your ideas allows you to fine-tune the wording and enables you to use fewer words. Taking a few minutes to review your conversational points before a meeting can go a long way toward achieving the desired outcome.

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