At Accurate Personnel, we’re passionate about helping job seekers find their dream positions. To that end, we strive to help you every step of the way, from locating opportunities to impressing in the interview. Here are five of our top tips for job candidates from 2018:

Ask the Right Questions

One of our top tips of the year involves asking questions during an interview. Most of us have had a hiring manager ask if we have questions and didn’t know what to say. For best results, ask about company initiatives and future plans for development. It’s also wise to avoid asking about salary – save this conversation until after you’ve landed the job.

Seek Extra Support as a Military Member

Thanks to our long history of working with military members, we know they possess multiple qualities that make them great employees. Recognizing that vets sometimes struggle to get the attention of hiring managers, we recommend current and former military consider working with a staffing company.

Consider a Skills-Based Resume

If you struggled to land a manufacturing job in 2018, check out our post on skills-based versus traditional resumes. A newer resume style, the skills-based format focuses on talents and abilities rather than specific jobs a candidate has held. Skills resumes are also helpful for downplaying jobs that are less relevant to the career you’re pursing. Instead, you can highlight the skills that are sure to make you a success.

Avoid Ghosting Employers

Although job seekers might have the advantage in this low-unemployment economy, etiquette still matters. To avoid getting a bad reputation among hiring managers, treat all employers with respect, even if you ultimately decide not to take the position. That means calling or emailing to let them know your decision.

Update Your Resume

An old-fashioned or incomplete resume is sure to turn off prospective employers. Make an effort to update your CV regularly, adding new jobs or assignments as they come up. As a bonus, staying on top of your resume ensures you’ll be ready if an exciting opportunity happens to come your way.

Make a Change for the New Year With Help From Accurate Personnel

At Accurate Personnel, we don’t just help job candidates find roles for the short term. Our goal is to assist you in building a career. Whether you’re looking to make a change or just want to keep your options open, trust us to be at your side. For more information on our services, call today or search available opportunities online.



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