The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on both our successes and failures over the last 12 months. Most likely, some of our workplace endeavors went as planned while others were less effective or even disastrous. Read on to discover Accurate Personnel’s top five tips for employers from 2018:

Finding Candidates

Gone are the days when companies could place an ad in the paper and find a top-notch employee. Instead, modern companies need to use all the resources at their disposal, including online job boards and social media, to achieve staffing excellence. Working with a staffing agency can help ensure you have access to the broadest range of active and passive candidates.

Going Mobile

Did you know that a large majority of job searches now occur on a mobile phone rather than a computer? Companies that don’t update their websites to be mobile friendly (and allow for mobile applications) might be missing out on a valuable opportunity to attract top job seekers.

Spending Less on Recruitment

How much is your business spending on recruitment? In light of a Deloitte survey that estimates each new hire costs a company $4,000, companies should assess their HR spend and determine if there are steps they can take to reduce it. In the long run, working with a staffing company might yield superior results at a lower cost.

Hiring Smarter

It’s no secret that new hires get less work done, thereby costing the company more than experienced employees. However, you might not realize that companies also spend a fortune on the onboarding process, which includes benefits enrollment and other paperwork. Working with a staffing company can expedite this process while raising the odds of the people you hire meeting expectations.

Reducing Turnover Costs

Firing an employee can be just as expensive as hiring one, if not more so. In fact, employers are often on the hook for severance packages, continuation coverage and other expenses. A staffing partner like Accurate Personnel can help you find the right teammates from the start, thereby reducing turnover and the accompanying costs.

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