Social media isn’t just a place to post pictures of the kids or inspirational quotes from your favorite authors. In fact, many people also use their social media pages to share information about their professional talents, including current careers and goals for the future. If you want to find top talent in 2019, social media is a logical place to turn. Find out how:

Target Passive Candidates

Social media is great for targeting passive candidates, or those who aren’t actively in the process of job searching. The more relaxed environment of Facebook allows you to post information about your company, its endeavors and achievements without advertising for a specific job. In this sense, you can appeal to people who aren’t likely to visit the job boards. Additionally, you can browse others’ posts with a goal of finding someone who meets your needs or has a skill set you’ve been seeking. As a bonus, posting company info on Facebook lets you network with a large number of people with minimal effort. You never know who will have a friend or family member that’s perfect for your open position.

Choose the Correct Outlet for Your Audience

If you’re considering social media for the first time, you might be wondering whether Facebook or LinkedIn is ideal for your job-search efforts. The best-known professional network, LinkedIn is great for advertising to white collar professionals in their 40s. On the other hand, Facebook is ideal for finding younger workers and those who might not have professional degrees. Choose the best option for your company’s needs.

Post Your Jobs

Both LinkedIn and Facebook allow businesses to post jobs directly. On Facebook, for example, listing a position is as easy as going to the Jobs tab. You can even post additional details, like salary info and photos of the company. This option is a great way to find talented, qualified candidates in your region.

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