When evaluating job prospects, you probably spend most of your time considering the daily requirements and salary. Will you be doing something you enjoy? Will you be paid a reasonable sum for doing so? However, other factors can affect your decision as well, including the perks the company is offering to sweeten the pot.

Referring to the various benefits that come with a position, perks may be big or small, tangible or abstract. However, they don’t necessarily tell you much about the overall culture of the company. Learn more about the differences between perks and culture and which matters more when choosing a job opportunity:

Understanding Job Perks

Job perks refer to those little extras and incentives that might lure you to take a position. For example, companies may offer their employees free or discounted gym memberships, a stocked kitchen or even the opportunity to work from home. Although these sorts of benefits are certainly appealing, it’s important to remember they could change or go away at some point. Additionally, perks have little to do with your ultimate job satisfaction.

Understanding Culture

Unlike perks, culture affects a company on a grander scale. Referring to a company’s overall values and attitude toward employees and community, culture has a profound impact on daily life and, ultimately, job satisfaction. Before taking a position, inquire about the role the business in question takes in the community. Does this employer find ways of giving back to both its workers and its neighbors? Does senior leadership strive to make a difference? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track.

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