Do you know where employers source their best workers? According to studies, referrals from current staff lead to some of the most successful hires over the long term. Still, companies don’t always know the best way to create an employee referral program that functions efficiently. Here are some tips for finding more talent in 2019 using your team as a resource:

Create an Internal Referral Program

Few people know what it takes to operate your business better than the employees who are there day in and day out. With that in mind, creating an internal referral program is only logical. Not only does it give the company access to potential hires not found on the job boards, it also offers a way to reward those employees who refer qualified candidates. The end result is a win for both employees and the company.

Come Up With a Set of Goals

To ensure your employee referral program is a success, create and adhere to a set of guidelines. Start by discussing your goals for the program, such as the number and type of employees needed. Then determine a process by which employees can make referrals and learn of the outcomes. Finally, companies should establish a clear system for rewarding employees who bring in great candidates. Ideally, the program will be easy to use and simple for workers to understand.

Discuss Important Skills With Your Team

One of the biggest benefits of involving your workers in staffing is taking advantage of their unique insight. For example, find out if your team has noticed a dearth in a particular area or department. Additionally, you can determine which skills your employees think are necessary for any open jobs.

Find Your Next Great Employee With Accurate Personnel

If employee referrals haven’t netted you the staffing results you desire, it might be time to reach out to the experts. A leader in direct hire and temporary staffing, Accurate Personnel is your source for light industrial, hospitality, administrative  and IT recruitment. Call today or contact us online for help staffing your business for success.


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