If you don’t focus on keeping employees engaged, one of two things is likely to happen. Either you’ll wind up losing your best people to your competitors or you’ll retain workers who aren’t very invested in what they do. Either way, your company is bound to suffer. Read on for the three areas Accurate Personnel recommends focusing on to improve employee engagement:


Are you giving your employees power on a daily basis? Or are you micromanaging them, looking over their shoulders and controlling everything they do? If it’s the latter, your workers might be suffering from a serious lack of autonomy. Take steps to increase workers’ power by encouraging them to work independently. The idea is to respect everyone’s time and trust your team to get the job done without you.


Do your workers gather together to achieve their goals? Or do they fight with one another and scrabble over credit? If you want your employees to feel engaged in the company, strive to build an environment that values teamwork and collaboration. You can support this behavior by hosting team-building activities and holding group lunches or happy hours. Additionally, it’s helpful to recognize workers and encourage workers to recognize one another in turn.


No one wants to stay in a position where they feel like a failure. Increase employees’ engagement by helping them feel a sense of mastery. For example, you can support teammates in learning a new skill, spearheading a project or even trying on a new hat within the company. The goal is to give workers something to feel good about in the morning when they get out of bed, so they’re excited about coming to work.

Find a Wider Range of Employees

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