Coming up with meaningful hiring metrics can be challenging, and you might be tempted to revert to the same old surface-level standards. However, the truth is these vanity metrics tell you little to nothing about whether your recruitment efforts are effective.

At Accurate Personnel, we’re passionate about finding the right person for the job the first time, every time, even if we have to search through numerous applicants to make a recommendation. Here are some metrics to look past if you hope to improve your hiring results moving forward:


When you list a new job online, you’re naturally hoping to fill it quickly. However, time-to-fill data only tells you so much. After all, the fact it took you just 20 days to find an employee is hardly significant if the employee doesn’t work out. Instead of worrying about beating your record or meeting some arbitrary schedule, focus on finding the right person for the job. It might take an extra few days or even an extra couple of weeks, but not having to do another search in three months will make everyone happier.

Website Traffic

Enjoying a surge in traffic to your careers page? Don’t celebrate just yet. Just because people are visiting your site doesn’t mean they’re all submitting applications. Even if they are applying, they might not be the kind of people you want to have on staff. Instead of looking solely at web traffic, make an effort to assess visitor-to-applicant conversion rates. Look at the entire application process. How many people are getting to the job board? How many people are reading job descriptions? How many people are starting the application process? How many people are finishing the application process? Look at those numbers and make the appropriate adjustments.

Number of Applicants

The fact that people are applying for jobs at your company is exciting. However, not all of those workers are going to be viable candidates. Rather than assessing your hiring efficacy based solely on number of applicants, consider their qualifications. After all, experience and skill set mean a lot more than raw numbers. Does it really help your team of recruiters if 100 applications come in for a basic job? Yes, you could put some of those “silver medalists” to work on other jobs, but the applicant-placement ratio is rarely 100-to-1 for most jobs.

Need Some Great People? We Can Help.

A leader in staffing solutions, Accurate Personnel helps a wide range of clients find the type and quantity of workers they need to get the job done. To learn more about what we can do to help your business grow, call today or contact us online. We look forward to helping staff your company for success.


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