Whether you have your sights set on the corner office or that managerial role in the IT department, 2019 is a great time to make your career dreams realities. That’s where Accurate Personnel comes into play. Here are our top tips for getting the promotion you’ve been craving:

Show the Company You Have Value

Make an effort to show the company all you’ve accomplished throughout the year. For example, you might want to sign up for a course at your local community college or take on more responsibility in the office. Make sure your direct supervisors know about all your hard work, so your efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Discuss Your Goals With Your Boss

Start by talking to your boss about your objectives and what you have to do to reach them. For example, you might need to undergo more training or find a mentor within the company. Working together, you can come up with a path forward and a timeline for promotion.

Become a Leader

Of course, sometimes scoring a promotion is less about what you say and more about what you do. If you want to get ahead in 2019, find a way to solve a problem at work that no one else is dealing with. You might want to create updated documentation for a particular task or suggest a way to reduce time spent on the phone. Once your supervisor sees what you’ve accomplished, they will likely feel more comfortable about giving you added responsibility.

Take the Next Step Up the Career Ladder

At Accurate Personnel, we don’t just find our candidates jobs that pay the bills. On the contrary, we work hand in hand with job seekers to find fulfilling roles at the top companies in Illinois and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a full-time position or something more temporary, you can trust us to help. Ready to get started? Call today or contact our team online.


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