Once upon a time, employers were wholly focused on attracting millennial hires. While this generation still makes up a large percentage of the workforce, times have changed, and an increasing number of companies are now looking to a new audience. Referring to individuals who came of age in the second decade of the 21st century, Generation Z comes with its own set of benefits and challenges. Here are Accurate’s tips on appealing to Gen Z and helping them learn in the manner they respond best to.

Consider Micro-Learning

Gen Z likes to do things on its own terms, and learning is no exception. If you want to provide this group with on-the-job training, consider fast-paced lessons known as micro-learning that appeal to Gen Z’s desire for instant gratification. Additionally, studies show that members of this generation like to learn in a self-directed manner, so consider making information available to them so they can review it on their own terms.

Embrace Tech

Unlike millennials, a majority of Gen Z employees don’t remember a time before the internet. As a result, they tend to be very comfortable with technology. If you want to appeal to this group, make an effort to embrace new technologies and platforms from which to disseminate information.

Incentivize Learning

While Gen Z workers are generally open to learning new things, they like to be rewarded for their time and attention. Consider offering employees additional compensation for taking an after-hours course or attending a seminar to further their skills. Additionally, you can incentivize this group by appealing to their love of friendly competition. Make it a contest to see who masters a new skill first and then invite them to share what they learned with the team.

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