You’ve probably heard the expression that it’s a job candidate’s market right now. In other words, there are more available positions than applicants looking for work. Still, you can take steps as an employer to ensure the best people join your team instead of the competition’s, and that means making the right impression from the start. Here are some of Accurate’s top tips for showing empathy to your applicants and demonstrating the kind of company culture anyone would love to join.

Avoid Getting Frustrated

It’s natural to feel stressed about finding a new employee. After all, you may be in a time crunch to replace an outgoing worker or deal with an increase in workload. Still, getting frustrated can result in the best candidates slipping through your fingers. Try to avoid getting stressed out during an interview, as it will only stress out the candidate in return, and make them think twice about your company culture.

Connect Over Concerns

You’re not the only one who enters a job interview with a certain energy. Job seekers are also dealing with stressors and frustrations that may affect their mood. Rather than pretend everything is fine, employers should seek to connect with applicants by acknowledging their concerns. For example, if your company has some negative online reviews, acknowledge this fact and talk about how you see the future of the company as brighter than the present.

Keep in Touch

Of course, what you say and do in the interview is only half the battle. If you truly want to behave in an empathetic way as a hiring manager, make an effort to follow up with the job candidate in the days after the meeting. For example, you should reach out to the applicant by email and give them an update on the hiring process. If you ultimately choose another employee, but want to keep in touch, politely explain your reasoning and ask if you can send them info on additional roles as they become available.

Find Your Next Great Hire With Accurate Personnel

We know when companies need to hire, time is often of the essence. At Accurate, we created our website so clients can quickly and easily submit job listings online. Simply let us know the quantity and qualifications of your desired workers, and we’ll get started sourcing the best people to join your team.



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