Think you can find your next superstar employee on the job boards? You may want to think again. These days, creative-minded employers are looking to less typical sources for hiring gold. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s tips for finding talent in uncommon places.

Where Is Your Talent Spending Time This Summer?

Summer isn’t traditionally a top time for job searching. After all, candidates may be more likely to go on vacation than update their resume. Still, hiring managers don’t need to wait until the weather cools off to staff up for fall. If you want to find the best active and passive candidates, start by asking where they’re spending the summer.

Get Online

As schedules slow down during the summer months, a large number of individuals turn to social media for entertainment. Whether they’re posting vacation pics or catching up with family from out of town, prospective job applicants are spending a significant amount of time online, and hiring managers can use that to their advantage. While LinkedIn is the logical choice for finding workers, many companies are missing out on opportunities to source passive candidates on Facebook and Twitter. You can use Facebook groups and hashtags to find employees with the desired skills and interests, and then reach out to them. Additionally, an increasing number of businesses are posting job openings directly on social media sites.

Experience the Outdoors

Of course, you don’t have to spend all summer on the computer to find your next great employee. In fact, sometimes the best staffing happens offline. Consider finding your candidates where they live by attending events like writers’ meetups or graphic design conventions. Additionally, you can meet prospective employees at their current jobs, including retail stores, restaurants and even festivals. Invite those workers who stand out from the pack to come in and interview for a job.

Master the Art of Hiring With Accurate Personnel

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