Every June, workplaces across the country observe National Safety Month in an effort to reduce the number of injuries and accidents that occur on the job. If your company doesn’t currently participate in this event, consider incorporating some of the following activities into your routine. Not only will encouraging workplace safety promote goodwill among your staff and clients, it might also prevent a negative outcome in your place of business.

Write a Newsletter

Newsletters and blogs offer a great opportunity for companies to highlight important safety lessons while showing workers their wellbeing is of the utmost important. Consider highlighting some of the themes of this National Safety Month, such as preventing slip and fall accidents on the job.

Host a Contest

Everyone enjoys having the chance the win a prize. If you want to make safety a priority in your workplace, consider holding a trivia contest about the rules and regulations for your particular office or warehouse. The person who gets the most answers correct wins a prize like a Starbucks gift card or lunch out with the boss.

Involve Your Team in Identifying Dangers

Sometimes supervisors don’t know about all the hazards present in the workplace. If you want to make your team as safe as possible, invite the people on the floor every day to share ideas about keeping the office safe.

Get Out to Lunch

Everyone enjoys a lunch out on the boss. Take your team to lunch to discuss safety concerns, or order in for a midday meeting in the conference room.

Offer Regular Training

Of course, the most important part of keeping your office safe is providing regular training. After all, your employees can’t follow proper protocol if they don’t know what to do. Visit the NSM website for discounts and deals available to companies seeking to adopt safety measures.

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