A recent Gallup poll revealed employees who go unrecognized in the workplace are three times more likely to quit than their counterparts who receive sufficient attention and praise. If you want to boost overall retention rates at your business, celebrating your staff is an easy and effective way to achieve that goal. Read on for Accurate Personnel’s suggestions on honoring those members of your workforce who consistently go the extra mile.

Meet in Person

Do you only check in with workers for their annual reviews? If so, you might want to consider sitting down with your employees more frequently and for reasons other than to offer criticism. In-person meetings offer a great opportunity for supervisors to tell their teammates what they’re doing right and make suggestions for performing even better in the months to come.

Share Good Work With the Group

If your team hosts weekly meetings, consider using them as an opportunity to celebrate those workers who’ve gone above and beyond in the last few days. While saying “thank you” might seem like a small thing, calling out an employee in front of the team shows you appreciate their contributions and view them as a leader. After all, employees are less likely to leave if they see a bright future at your business.

Encourage a Culture of Compliments

It’s not just managers who should go out of their way to recognize employees for their hard work. Companies should also encourage workers to compliment their fellow teammates. The goal is to develop a sense of camaraderie that encourages all members of a group to work together.

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