You probably hear a lot about onboarding and how important it is to the hiring process. However, you might not realize that offboarding is also a crucial part of dealing with employees. Also known as employee exit management, this process involves separating from workers in a conscious manner. Keep reading to learn why employee offboarding is so important and to discover Accurate Personnel’s top tips for handling this process successfully.

Why Is It Important?

Companies often assume that the process of offboarding employees is far less important than the process of bringing them on. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, companies that don’t engage in offboarding risk a range of consequences, including data breaches, regulatory violations and problems transferring knowledge and skills to new hires. With proper exit management, employers can avoid these risks and create a positive reputation within the marketplace.

Checklist for Offboarding Employees

The following checklist can help companies offboard workers more successfully:

  1. Offer Education. One of the most important goals of the offboarding process is to provide departing employees with financial and benefits information. For example, employees need to know how COBRA plans work and what will happen to their 401(k) accounts.
  2. Protect Information. In our digital age, information is power, and companies need to take steps to protect their property. A careful onboarding process ensures that employees don’t have access to data they shouldn’t after leaving the company.
  3. Gain Invaluable Insight. Of course, employees don’t leave companies for no reason. One of the benefits of an exit interview is to gather information about why workers left and what you can do to keep your best people in your employ moving forward. Doing this also shows current and future workers that you care about their opinions and career development in general.

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