As an employer, you most likely know the baby boomer generation is on the verge of retirement. Referring to the generation born between 1946 and 1964, baby boomers have long made up a significant portion of the workforce. As they head into the golden glow of retirement, companies are struggling to make up for the loss in personnel and experience. Here are some tips to help companies prepare for the retirement of the baby boomer generation.

Encourage Them to Train New Workers

If your company employs a large number of baby boomers, one of the best preparation tips is to encourage them to train and mentor younger members of the team. Doing this keeps baby boomers engaged while ensuring that hard-won knowledge isn’t lost when these employees ultimately move on.

Invite Them to Work Fewer Hours

Just because many baby boomers are looking to slow down doesn’t mean they want to leave the company altogether. Keep baby boomers on board by inviting them to set their own schedules and work part time rather than leaving the working world entirely. In some cases, allowing these teammates to work remotely can be all the motivation they need to continue helping your company succeed. Yes, you have to be careful with coming across as “pushing them out the door,” but it’s very beneficial to offer an option that’s different from all or nothing. Could a “worktirement” option be the right fit?

Work With a Staffing Agency

Of course, sometimes even the best perks and incitements won’t be enough to keep baby boomers in the workplace. If you anticipate losing a large number of baby boomers in the coming years, it might be time to contact a staffing agency. At Accurate Personnel, we specialize in finding the most skilled workers for a wide range of light industrial, hospitality and professional positions. We can help you find people quickly and expertly, so a lack of baby boomers doesn’t translate to a lack of talent for your business.

Find Your Next Great Employee

Searching for your next star employee? At Accurate Personnel, we strive to fulfill all your hiring needs faster. Simply let us know the quantity and qualifications of your desired workers and let us get to work on meeting your needs. For more information on how we can help you, call today or submit your job order online.


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