It’s a common misconception that candidates hate being asked to take prehiring assessments. On the contrary, what job seekers loathe is wasting their time on assessments that are unfair, excessively time-consuming or generally pointless.

While it’s natural to want to screen prospective employees, companies should avoid alienating those workers they’re hoping to attract. Here are some tips for creating candidate assessments that generate positive feelings and help your company build a better brand.

Assess Candidates at the Right Time

Companies often make the mistake of assessing candidates too early in the hiring process, when they’re still looking at a broad range of applicants. If a company receives 100 resumes and sends each applicant a job assessment right away, candidates know they have a miniscule chance of landing the position. On the other hand, slotting the assessment later in the talent acquisition workflow shows prospective employees you value their time and don’t want to waste it.

Similarly, companies can show they respect job candidates by keeping assessments short and sweet. It’s fine to ask a writer to provide a brief piece demonstrating their talent and abilities. However, don’t ask for a 2000-word article when a 500-word blog would suffice. The goal is to show employees you recognize they’re busy and appreciate them taking the time to apply.

Provide Valuable Feedback

Additionally, companies often make the mistake of rejecting applicants without providing them with any feedback on their assessments. Of course, you can’t say yes to every candidate who applies for a position. What you can do is show workers you value their time by providing feedback and even making suggestions to improve their prospects moving forward.

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