It’s no secret that finding superstar employees is easier said than done. In an effort to keep top workers engaged, many companies are turning to a unique solution for hiring woes. Redeployment is the process by which organizations shift talent from one role to another in order to keep their best employees from going to the competition. Not only does redeployment allow businesses to find the best jobs for the best people, thereby staying competitive, it also enables employees to learn and grow without looking for another position. Keep reading to discover how a staffing agency like Accurate Personnel can help your company redeploy its top workers.

Allow Team Members to Move to Different Assignments

Life circumstances and career goals can affect a worker’s willingness to stay in the same position for a lengthy period. With redeployment, companies can give workers the lateral or upward mobility they crave. Not only does this improve performance, it also cuts down on turnover rates, as employees are less likely to grow bored or frustrated.

Maintain the Staffing Agency as the Employer of Record

When businesses utilize a staffing company, they can redeploy their best workers while the agency remains the employer of record. It’s no secret that recruiting and screening employees is an expensive proposition. Additionally, training and onboarding take time away from running a successful business and affect overall productivity. When you entrust this task to a staffing agency, you allow your employees to focus on what they do best while maintaining their salary and benefits. Although some reskilling may still be necessary, the employee you redeploy will already be well versed in your company goals and policies. So, you won’t be starting at square one on their first day.

Trust Accurate Personnel With Your Hiring

At Accurate Personnel, we help a wide range of employers secure top workers for all their open positions. You can trust us to find and screen candidates and help you identify the best places for them within your organization. Ready to get started? Call today or contact our recruiters online.


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