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Temp jobs are great opportunities to earn some extra cash while bolstering your skills and adding experience to your resume. However, after a few days on the job, you might decide you want the temporary position to be permanent. Fortunately, there are tips for turning a contract position into a lasting one. Check out these strategies for convincing your temp employer to hire you for the long term: 


Go the Extra Mile

If you want your temporary employer to consider you for a full-time position, it pays to go the extra mile. Along with making sure your work is done on time (and according to the manager’s instructions), temp candidates can get ahead by learning about the company’s internal processes. If you have an idea for expediting systems and making processes more efficient, don’t hesitate to make a suggestion to your supervisor. The goal is to show you care about the company and are invested in your work.  


Make Friends

No one wants to hire an employee who doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the team. If you want to turn your temp position into a full-time permanent opportunity, make an effort to get to know the people you work with. Along with joining your coworkers for lunch, you can invite them to coffee or even a happy hour after work. Even if the job doesn’t work out in the long run, you could wind up with great friends and professional contacts that last for years to come. 


Respond to Emails

The best employees are engaged, responsive and available to help when emergencies crop up. If you want to show you’re passionate about the position, make an effort to return phone calls and emails as soon as possible. While you don’t have to be available around the clock, strive to answer messages quickly during working hours. 


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