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Whether your company is dealing with an unexpected rise in sales or introducing a new product to the marketplace, you might need some additional teammates to lighten the load for your existing staff. While it’s natural to want to bring in extra help as quickly as possible, the truth is that hiring too fast can mean selecting the available candidate over the right one. Here are some tips on hiring quickly without sacrificing your company’s rightfully high standards: 


Promote From Within

If you’re in a rush to find your next great employee and don’t want to risk making a hasty decision, consider opening the position up to internal hires. When you opt to hire an internal candidate, you can rest assured knowing they’re already familiar with the company and its policies. So, the onboarding process can be completed more quickly. As a bonus, the employee’s current manager can speak to their skills and abilities, and let you know whether or not the individual is a good choice for the new position.    


Skip the Extra Steps

There’s nothing wrong with having a thorough and careful hiring process. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend days (or weeks) evaluating each candidate. Expedite your interview process by asking for essential information like references and work histories upfront. Doing this allows you to move through the process quickly and prevents you from losing top candidates to your competitors.  


Work With a Staffing Company

If your internal hiring techniques aren’t yielding the efficient, successful results you desire, it might be time to seek some expert help with this process. Experienced staffing companies like Accurate Personnel boast extensive industry connections and proven techniques for finding top workers. Because we have a large database of job seekers, you don’t have to worry about being saddled with candidates who don’t meet your needs. And since we perform background checks and reference evaluations on each employee, you can feel confident your company is in good hands. 


Find Your Next Great Employee With the Help of Accurate Personnel!

Whether you’re searching for light industrial, hospitality or professional employees, the team at Accurate Personnel can meet your needs. We specialize in finding and screening top active and passive candidates quickly, to get them into your office faster. Ready to get started? Call today or contact our staffing team online.  



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