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If one of your employees isn’t living up to your expectations, you might be tempted to show them the door. While it’s natural to want your business to be a success, firing flailing workers isn’t always the solution. On the contrary, there are times when retraining a struggling employee can be far more effective. Read on to discover the benefits of retraining over replacing and determine what steps are right for your company’s future: 


Problems With Firing Employees

Firing an employee might be your first instinct when something goes wrong on the job. However, being too quick to terminate a worker can end up costing your company in the long run. Not only is firing a worker expensive – you may have to pay current employees overtime or spend a bundle on training your new hire – it also has an emotional cost. Your staff members may feel their positions are uncertain or even resent you for terminating an employee they liked working with. Finally, firing an unsuccessful worker means embarking on the hiring process again, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be happier with the replacement than you were with the original choice.  


Benefits to Retraining

On the other hand, retraining problem employees comes with several benefits. Despite the fact that you’ll have to invest some money in training upfront, you can save on costs related to overtime and hiring. Additionally, opting to retrain workers can help with your long-time turnover. After all, employees who are constantly forced to pick up the slack for fired colleagues may get frustrated and leave the company for a competitor.  


Making the Decision

Wondering if you should ditch your unsuccessful employee or give them a second chance? Consider asking the employee in question if they’re willing to make changes. Workers who acknowledge their failings and make a commitment to improving their performance are likely worth your time and effort. 


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