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Have your employees been complaining more often than usual? Is your team stressed and overwhelmed about the amount of work on its plate? If something isn’t right in the workplace, it can affect the productivity and performance for the entire office.

Check out these problem-solving solutions for helping your team breathe easier: 

Figure Out What’s Broken 

You can’t take steps to start resolving problems until you identify what they are in the first place. Begin by evaluating the situation and determining what the core issue is that’s affecting the team. If you aren’t sure what’s behind the drop in productivity or performance, don’t hesitate to ask your teammates what they think is wrong with the current office. In some cases, the problem might not be a systemic issue, but one or two bad apples that are impacting the group as a whole. 

Work Together to Find Solutions 

After determining what the problem is, take time to brainstorm solutions. Managers often make the mistake of trying to solve issues all on their own. Instead, consider asking a few trusted workers (or even the whole team) to volunteer ideas for fixing what’s broken. Additionally, it can help to divide a problem into its separate parts. Big problems often feel more manageable when broken down into smaller ones with simple and achievable solutions. 

Decide to Act 

After figuring out how to fix your issue, make a choice to start now rather than pushing the problem off. Even if the solution you brainstormed doesn’t wind up being useful, you’ll know more having tried to resolve the issue. The last thing you want to do is wait too long and let your employees think you don’t care about their stress. 

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