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You landed an interview at your dream company and went in to meet with the team. After days of waiting by the phone, you received the disappointing news: the position went to someone else. If this story sounds familiar, you might be making some serious mistakes in your career search.

Check out Accurate Personnel’s top three reasons that your job hunt might not be going as planned: 

You Aren’t Doing Your Homework 

Neglecting to prepare for a job interview can have a severe impact on your ability to land the position. Some experts recommend that job seekers spend three to four hours prepping for every interview they schedule. In particular, you should take time to peruse the company website and social media pages and read up on upcoming projects and initiatives. The hiring manager is much more likely to select a candidate who already seems engaged with the business. 

Your Resume Isn’t Conveying Your Skills 

Of course, some candidates aren’t even making it to the interview stage. If you aren’t landing meetings at your top-choice companies, the issue may be that your resume is failing to attract the attention of hiring managers. When crafting your CV, take care to ensure it’s detailed, up to date, and relevant for the position at hand. If possible, strive to send your resume to the head of the department where you want to work rather than just the HR department. You have a better chance of hearing back if you go directly to the person with hiring power. 

You Aren’t Using All the Available Resources 

Even if your interview skills and resume are top-notch, it’s still important to take advantage of all the resources available to you in your job search. While some candidates limit their search to Craigslist and other job boards, savvy workers check-in with their contacts, including alumni, former colleagues, and LinkedIn connections. Additionally, candidates may want to consider working with a staffing company that boasts secure relationships with local companies. 

Skip the Search With Accurate Personnel 

Tired of spending your free time perusing the job boards? At Accurate Personnel, we’re committed to helping talented candidates find gainful employment in their chosen field. Check out our jobs page for open positions in your area, or Skip the Search by sending your resume. The Accurate team will get started finding the best match for your needs and goals. 


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