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Businesses have a terrible habit of always looking outside the company for upper-level hires. While there’s nothing wrong with bringing in some new blood now and then, some employers always hire outside employees. These employers are missing out on the opportunity to grow talent within their own companies.

Keep reading to discover some of the many advantages associated with promoting your people rather than looking outside your company walls for talent: 

Better Performance and Productivity 

Employment data shows that hiring internally often results in superior performance and productivity. When you hire from within, you won’t find yourself attempting to train new employees who are entirely unfamiliar with the current business processes. Of course, the promoted employees will still need some assistance getting up to speed. Again, you should see a smaller drop in productivity overall. 

Deeper Understanding of Organization 

Hiring from within doesn’t just expedite the training process. It also enables you to create a senior management team that’s more educated about (and invested in) the company. Long-time employees already understand the business’ goals, objectives, and culture, so you’re less likely to wind up with a worker who is fundamentally at odds with the rest of the group. And because you already know how this person interacts with other employees, you will have a leg up when it comes to building out teams. 

Good Will Within the Ranks 

Promoting from within is also a smart choice in that it creates good will among the rest of the team. When companies hire internally, it shows that they care about helping their current employees grow within the organization. After all, this practice rewards the people who have been in the trenches for months or even years. When employees feel they have room to grow, they’re more likely to stick around rather than abandoning the company for its competition. 

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