The fact that everyone and their grandparents are on social media these days may dim the cool factor slightly. Still, the popularity surrounding Facebook and Twitter is also why it’s such a great tool for attracting talent. Rather than putting ads in newspapers and on bulletin boards, today’s top companies are turning to their social communities to find top hires. Ready to revolutionize your hiring efforts for 2020? Check out Accurate Personnel’s top suggestions for using social media to staff your business:

Promote Your Culture

Finding employees on social media isn’t just about posting job openings.

On the contrary, the best social media recruiting takes a softer approach. Rather than advertise a particular job, talk more generally about your company’s mission, culture, and goals in your posts. For example, you might mention a particular charitable project you’re especially proud of. Additionally, it pays to encourage current workers to talk about their experiences. The goal is to build your brand while setting up your company as a desirable place to work.

Take Advantage of Filters

When it comes to finding desirable candidates, take advantage of the filters available on social media sites. For example, LinkedIn enables users to filter by factors like location, current company, and experience. While it pays to use this information to narrow down a list of prospects, keep an open mind. Your ideal worker may be someone you never expected.

Hash It Out

Looking for a free way of finding great employees this year? Consider creating a few Twitter posts using recruiting hashtags. For example, you could add a tag like jobs, hiring, career, or employee to boost your odds of connecting with an engaged audience. Do your homework to find out what hashtags are most likely to connect with your desired workforce.

Trust Chicagoland’s Staffing Leader

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