Advantages to Hiring Internally


When a position becomes available at your company, you might have the instinct to embark on an extensive job search, posting listings online and reaching out to headhunters. While there’s nothing wrong with using your network, many businesses neglect to look for employees in the most obvious place: their own employee pool. The truth is that hiring internally comes with numerous benefits. Keep reading for some of Accurate Personnel’s top reasons to hire an internal job candidate:

Minimizing Risk

Hiring a brand-new employee represents a significant risk. After all, you don’t know what skills they have or how they interact with peers. One of the biggest benefits of hiring internally is that you’ve already seen the employee in action. Even if they are working in a different department, you likely have a sense of their values and skillset. So, you’re less likely to have to find a new employee in a month’s time.

Boosting Morale

Employees appreciate companies that invest in their futures. By hiring internally, you show your existing teammates that they have a bright future at your business. Not only are you passionate about helping them climb the career ladder, but you genuinely care about your teammates feeling like they’re a part of something greater. They’ll reward you by staying loyal to the company in the coming years.

Saving Money

Hiring a new worker is an expensive proposition. Along with paying for job ads, headhunters, and other types of advertising, companies may need to authorize HR teams to work overtime screening and interviewing potential hires. When you opt to hire internally for tough-to-fill positions, you can save money. After all, supervisors can speak to employees in person or send them emails about job openings. In general, it’s easier to fill a vacated lower-level position than a higher-level one requiring advanced skills and experience.

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