Is Your Resume Hurting Your Chances


Your resume is the most important document in your job search. Because hiring managers see your resume before they see you, this piece of paper effectively makes the first impression for you. Hence, job candidates who fail to create strong resumes may be harming their chances of landing a position — or even making it to the interview stage. Here are some of the many resume mistakes that could be costing you a future job:

Grammar Errors

Is your resume rife with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors? Typos don’t just make your resume look sloppy. They also suggest that you don’t care enough to do your best work or pay attention to the details. If you want to show hiring managers that you’re genuinely passionate about the position, take time to proofread your resume. You may even want to have a friend look it over after you’re done to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks!

Failure to Customize

Even if you aren’t currently on the hunt for a new job, it’s wise to keep your resume up to date. Still, that doesn’t mean applying for a new job is as simple as sending in the same old CV. If you want to boost your odds of landing a position, be sure to customize your resume for the job in question. You can even use keywords and phrases from the job description to show hiring managers you’re the ideal person for the role.

Quantifiable Content

It’s not enough to fill your resume with a list of the positions you held in the past. If you want to best the other candidates, be sure to pepper this all-important document with quantifiable results. For example, you might mention the number of units you sold in a given year or the percentage by which you improved customer satisfaction at your company. Show hiring managers that you have what it takes to succeed in the job and reap the benefits.

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