Changing Interview Mentality

Interviewing for a new job is intimidating. Not only do you have to answer questions about your past, but you also have to find a way of making the right impression on hiring managers and potential co-workers. While it’s unlikely that interviewing will ever be a fun experience, there are things you can do to reduce stress and give yourself a better chance of finding your dream job. The first step on the journey to career satisfaction? Stop viewing interviews as if they were tests.

Look at the Job Search as a Trip

Job seekers tend to view every new interview as a test they can pass or fail. As a result, they go into the process with an exam mentality. Unfortunately, entering an interview with this attitude means that you’re likely to spend all your time worrying about answering questions rather than determining if the role is a good fit for both you and the company. Rather than trying to pass an interview like you would a quiz, try to think of the interview process as a trip you’re taking. It’s an adventure that’s all about the journey.

Seek a Genuine Connection

If you want to land a job where you’ll be satisfied and engaged, use the interview as an opportunity to determine whether you feel a connection. When you’re talking to the hiring manager, do you get the sense that you’ll be excited about working there? Do you feel inspired by the company and its goals? Or are you counting the minutes until you can walk out the door? The goal is to assess whether you’ll be happy and comfortable should you take the position.

Consider Your Future Goals

Jobs aren’t just places to spend eight hours a day. They’re also stepping stones to the future. View the interview as a two-way street, assessing whether the company and its employees can help you reach the next level in your career.

Find Your Next Dream Job With Accurate Personnel

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