Targeting Your Job Ads

Gone are the days when Boomers made up the majority of the workforce. With more Millennials and Gen Zers entering the working world each year, companies have to find ways of attracting top talent if they hope to stay competitive. Keep reading for some of Accurate Personnel’s top tips on targeting your job ads to appeal to younger employees: 

Utilize Technology 

Younger employees grew up with the internet and feel comfortable using the latest technologies. If you want to appeal to these workers, look for ways to include tech in your recruitment. Along with mobile-friendly job sites, millennial workers are drawn to businesses with robust websites and recruiting videos that convey the company culture. 

Get Social 

While people of all ages use social media, millennials and Gen Zers are particularly adept at navigating the latest networks. If you want to show that your office is a great place to work, make an effort to build your brand on Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. For best results, update your profiles with regular posts and encourage your employees to talk about the business on their private pages as well. You never know when your dream employee may be looking. 

Focus on Diversity  

Younger workers are passionate about inclusion, and companies need to show that they’re equally committed to diverse hiring practices. Along with conveying your passion for inclusion on your website and social media pages, businesses should strive to reveal this information in interviews. Let potential hires know you believe in hiring the best person for the job and creating a strong, well-rounded workforce. You can also use volunteer work as a way of showcasing your passion for helping people from different backgrounds succeed.  

Find Your Next Great Employee  

Don’t let top employees slip through your fingertips. At Accurate Personnel, we have the knowledge and connections needed to find the best active and passive candidates out there. To submit a job order, simply fill out a form letting us know how many workers you need and what qualifications they should have. We look forward to helping you build your business. 


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