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If you’re unhappy with your last few hires, the truth is that your job descriptions could be to blame. After all, it’s hard to run a successful business if you’re hiring the wrong employees from the start. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s top tips for writing detailed job descriptions that bring in the best of the best.

Include Company Highlights

Businesses often make the mistake of assuming hiring is all about the employee. On the contrary, the best job descriptions aim to sell the company to the worker. Find a way to include the best aspects of your business, including your top products, employee perks, and community service efforts. 

Talk Values

Millennial and Gen-Z workers are particularly passionate about working for companies that do good things for the world. To that end, it pays to describe your business’ values and core beliefs. Show prospective hires why they can feel better about working for you than the competition. 

Describe Your Dream Employee

The odds are you’ve hired plenty of standout employees. So, why not use them as a model for workers to come? Increase your odds of finding great candidates by describing your dream employee in your job ad, including their skills, talents, education, and experience. 

Focus on Fun

It’s a mistake to write a job ad that reads like a list of requirements. Instead, give employees a reason to respond by showcasing the best things about the job and work environment. For example, you could talk about the activities employees get to engage in weekly or the ways in which the culture enables them to grow and develop.

Let Accurate Personnel Find Your Next Great Worker

Unlike other recruiting companies, Accurate Personnel never forces businesses to settle for one-size-fits-all staffing solutions. Instead, we work tirelessly to attract and screen top job candidates. Our goal is to find the perfect temporary, direct-hire, or permanent employees for all your open positions. To learn more about our services, contact us online, or submit a job offer through our site.


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