Recruiting during COVID

Like telecommuting, virtual hiring is becoming the norm in this post-pandemic world. While the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 are constantly evolving, businesses would be wise to adapt to a world in which remote hiring and employment are here to stay. Keep reading for some of Accurate Personnel’s top tips on how to hire successfully without meeting candidates face to face.

Stay Formal

Just because you’re interviewing candidates on your laptop screen rather than in person doesn’t mean you should lower your standards or abandon traditional hiring practices. On the contrary, virtual meetings can and should be just as formal and serious as face-to-face encounters. As a hiring manager, look for candidates to make eye contact, speak respectfully, and dress appropriately on a call.

Consider the Candidate’s Environment

Like their attire, a candidate’s home environment may be a factor in hiring decisions. Of course, you shouldn’t judge prospective employees based on how nice their furniture is. However, candidates must have a place to take interviews (and work) that’s quiet and free from distraction. After all, you’re looking for workers who will take their job seriously whether or not they’re coming into the office. 

Let Technology Be Your Guide

Technologies like Zoom and FaceTime make it possible to stay connected under the worst of circumstances. However, anyone who’s been on a video call knows that these programs aren’t problem-free. Fortunately, recruiters can use this knowledge to evaluate candidates. The next time your Zoom hiring session glitches, watch the prospective employee to see how they react. If they stay calm and try to fix the issue, there’s a good chance that they’ll do the same while in your employ.`

Submit a Job Offer at Accurate Personnel

When it comes to hiring, it’s important to know you’re not alone. At Accurate Personnel, we help a wide range of businesses find top employees for all their open positions. Simply let us know how many workers you need — and what skills and qualifications they should have — and we’ll do the rest. For more information about how we can help, call today, or submit your job offer online. 


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