The emergence of COVID-19 means that businesses in virtually every field are scrambling to keep their employees and customers healthy. Fortunately, industrial workers have something of a head start, as warehouses have always taken the lead when it comes to safety measures. By taking steps to review your current safety procedures and making adjustments based on expert recommendations, you can ensure your staff remains healthy no matter what the future may hold. Here are some of Accurate Personnel’s best tips for warehouse safety post-COVID.

Enforce Social Distancing

Just because your warehouse employees are back at work doesn’t mean you can go back to operating the way you did pre-COVID. One of the best ways to protect your staff is to implement social distancing. Along with ensuring teammates wear masks and stay a minimum of six feet apart while working, managers need to take steps to prevent infection during lunchtime. For best results, stagger worker breaks and limit meetings to small groups. 

Focus on Cleaning

Post-COVID, keeping your warehouse clean and orderly, is more important than ever. Along with sanitizing work areas, managers should ensure that bathrooms and break areas are disinfected multiple times a day. Additionally, employees should wipe down commonly touched spots like doorknobs and handrails after a shift.

Avoid Contamination

Keeping your staff safe isn’t enough. You also have to avoid contamination from outside parties. Along with ensuring new hires are up to speed on safety protocol, warehouse managers should arrange for proper handling of inbound freight, packages, and pallets. Training sessions are crucial to educate current and new staff and identify potential problems, such as a shortage of safety equipment or supplies. 

Trust Accurate Personnel With Your Staffing

Whether you’re searching for light industrial, hospitality, professional, or administrative employees, the Accurate Personnel team can meet your needs. We offer leading-edge recruitment services, along with tips and suggestions for keeping your employees healthy and engaged, so you don’t have to worry about losing your best people to the competition. To learn more about what we do, call today, or contact our team online.


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