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If you’ve lost a job, then you probably know the effect it can have on your confidence and morale. Moreover, understanding that layoffs are common does little to ease the pain. Whether you suffered a job loss due to COVID-19 or another cause, there’s a good chance you’re struggling to get back out there and find a new position. Keep reading for Accurate Personnel’s tips and tricks for bouncing back after a layoff.

1. Let Yourself Grieve

It’s okay to feel sad or scared after losing a job. After all, you no longer have the security of a regular paycheck. Moreover, getting laid off can arouse feelings of anger, stress, or guilt. While you don’t want to wallow in these emotions, it’s okay to take a few days to let yourself grieve what was lost.

2. Look for Ways to Change

Layoffs can happen for multiple reasons, and people often lose their jobs due to circumstances beyond their control. Still, it’s worth considering whether you could have done something differently. Maybe you can improve your skills or change the way you deal with conflict. Look for opportunities to grow as you seek out new positions. 

3. Share the News

Shame and embarrassment may lead you to keep your job loss a secret. However, the truth is your family and acquaintances are great allies in your search for a new role. Share the news that you’re looking for work on social media and send a carefully crafted email to a list of friends and loved ones. 

4. Make Financial Adjustments

Losing a job may mean adjusting your spending habits. If you don’t currently have a budget, think about creating a spreadsheet to track your monthly expenses. There’s a good chance you’ll have to cut back on a few things until you land that new position. 

5. Bolster Your Resume

It’s natural to see unemployment as a bad thing. However, being out of work can provide you with a valuable opportunity to expand your skills. Think about taking an online course or just spend time adapting your resume and cover letter to better reflect your experience.

Skip the Search With Accurate Personnel

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