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As the pandemic continues to rage, just about every business is being forced to change and adapt. The recruiting world is no exception, as various industries have been forced to reduce staff or close their doors entirely. The change is particularly profound, as the U.S. was previously enjoying the longest economic expansion in our country’s history. As businesses slowly begin recruiting again, staffing companies have to adjust accordingly. Keep reading to learn about the steps Accurate Personnel is taking to locate and hire in a post-COVID-19 society.

Hiring Smarter

One of the changes to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is an increase in workplace technologies. With computers taking on a large number of tasks previously performed by humans, companies are operating with smaller staffs. As a result, hiring top-quality workers is more important than ever. Instead of simply looking to grow your ranks, aim to find teammates with the creativity and ingenuity needed to solve whatever problems arise.

Finding New Ways to Network

Once upon a time, companies found new employees by going out into the world. For example, recruiters might attend networking events, trade shows, and happy hours to find the best teammates for their open positions. In the wake of COVID, though, an increasing number of staffing decisions are being made online. Both HR departments and recruitment companies are turning to social media to find workers, with sites like Facebook and LinkedIn often replacing impersonal job boards like Monster and Indeed. As a bonus, social media allows recruiters to learn about potential hires from their own friends and colleagues.  

Stepping Up Screening

One of the downsides of digital hiring is that recruiters are spending less time with candidates in a face to face environment. Recognizing that employees aren’t always honest about their past experiences, companies need to do their homework to ensure job candidates are up to the task. Start by researching the job in question so you know what skills are involved. Then review resumes searching for the keywords that indicate a candidate really does have the required skills. You can also include a technical assessment or test as part of the screening process, so you know workers can do what they claim. 

Trust Accurate Personnel With Your Hiring 

Finding qualified employees is a stressful proposition, and the consequences of making a poor choice are significant. At Accurate Personnel, we simplify the hiring process for companies in a wide range of fields. Simply submit a job offer letting us know the qualifications and quantity of employees you need, and we’ll do the rest. We look forward to helping you build your business.


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