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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of employment in the U.S. and other countries around the world, with an increasing number of companies opting to make their workforces remote. Even as the situation on the ground continues to evolve, businesses may want to maintain the flexible staffing policies they practiced during the pandemic. Recognizing that this illness will have a lasting effect on our society, Accurate Personnel recommends that companies take the following steps to stay profitable and keep their employees safe.

Consider Contingent Workers

Replacing full-time staff with contingent workers has allowed many employers to save money during the pandemic. Even as businesses start to open back up, companies should consider keeping gig workers on staff. Doing this allows companies to stay light and flexible. For best results, look for ways of measuring and evaluating contingent workers, so you know when and if to bring them on full time. 

Seek Out Skills

In the past, businesses sought out workers with extensive experience in the field. However, as companies continue cutting their staff, the focus is increasingly shifting from experience to skills. The goal is to find employees with critical thinking skills and adaptability needed to succeed in multiple roles.

Focus on Transparency

Flexibility in staffing doesn’t just apply to the employee. On the contrary, companies need to stay adaptable and agile to adjust to the evolving situation on the ground. One of the most important things businesses can do is be transparent with their decision-making. Explain to employees how you’re working to protect their health and safety while keeping the company in the black. 

Contact Accurate Personnel for Help With Staffing

Whatever your hiring needs, Accurate Personnel can help you find qualified workers. We specialize in contract, direct hire, and temporary staffing for a wide array of fields, including hospitality, IT, and light industrial. Additionally, we connect companies with the best employees for all their administrative and professional roles. To learn more about how we can staff your business for success, call today, or contact our recruiters online.


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