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Just because 2020 isn’t a typical year doesn’t mean people won’t be celebrating the coming season. On the contrary, the stresses and uncertainties of this year mean that families are even more in need of together time. As the holidays approach, companies are looking for ways to express gratitude to their workers.

Here are some tips for bolstering professional relationships while ensuring your employees feel valued:

Have an Early Release Day

Wondering how to express thanks to your most valued team members while ensuring they stay in your employ for another year? Show you respect their time by providing an early release day. If your company’s Thanksgiving holiday starts on Thursday, allow employees to stop working a few hours early on Wednesday. This way, teammates will have extra time to cook, prepare for guests, or just spend a few more hours with their friends and loved ones. 

Offer an Unexpected Bonus

Many companies give employees a bonus for Christmas. However, if you want to show your appreciation and gratitude this year, consider giving out a small monetary bonus for Thanksgiving. Both surprising and welcome, this gift can help workers shop for the holidays or enable them to take a much-needed vacation before the end of the year. Don’t have money to provide all your workers with holiday bonuses? A gift card from Amazon or another retailer can be just the gesture you need to show workers you care.

Say a Heartfelt Thanks

Thanksgiving is a great time to show gratitude and appreciation. Along with improving morale, saying a simple and direct thank you helps improve job satisfaction. Rather than issuing a general message to your entire staff, take time to speak to each worker individually either in person or by phone. The goal is to let them know they’ve made a positive impact on your business.

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